This man attached feeders to his glasses to closely study hummingbirds…

A man from Lyons, Colorado, attached small feeders to his glasses to attract hummingbirds. His technique worked, as the hummingbirds came to enjoy themselves, much to the delight of the bird lover, who was able to observe them very, very closely.


The hummingbird that fascinates everyone

The hummingbird is one of nature’s most spectacular and beautiful birds. They are the smallest birds in the world and are able to fly at an impressive speed. Hummingbirds, also known as hummingbirds, are very popular among bird lovers.


However, their presence cannot be appreciated by everyone. They are found in Canada and throughout North America, but during the winter they migrate to warmer climates. Only some southern and coastal areas of the United States and Mexico, as well as much of the Caribbean and South America, have year-round hummingbirds. However, those living in the central and northern United States can see these migratory birds in late spring. So it’s the perfect time for them to get out the feeders.

Spring is the perfect time to see hummingbirds

In early May, migrating hummingbirds begin to reach the northern United States, and people start to pull out their feeders. Hummingbird enthusiasts are very creative when it comes to attracting these birds at close range.

Not only do they make sure they provide the best nectar, but they also like to get complex feeders and sometimes even overdo it. Some hummingbird enthusiasts are very creative, such as this man from Lyons, Colorado, who had a unique experience with his plastic feeders attached to his pair of glasses. The hummingbirds didn’t seem to mind the proximity and enjoyed the sugar water while flapping their wings against his face.