Here’s how the star of Mickey Mouse’s Walk of Fame set an impressive trend in Hollywood

It didn’t take Hollywood long to recognize the great role of the friendly mouse in the animation industry, and you’ll see that the consequences are really positive.


A Hollywood premiere.

Animation pioneer Walt Disney and legendary animator Ub Iwerks collaborated to give the world the best and perhaps most recognizable animated character, Mickey Mouse. This cartoon character mesmerized viewers with unique characteristics. The mouse in red pants showed the emotions and intelligence one would expect from an ideal human being who is highly revered. And this is exactly what made the anthropomorphic mouse captivate audiences on both the small and the big screen.


The owner of the clubhouse has had a great influence on pop culture all over the world. And Hollywood was not long in recognizing the great role of the friendly mouse in the animation industry, giving him his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 13, 1978. The event was unprecedented. A change took place and Mickey’s star represented the very first time that a fictional character had received such a great honour from the industry.

More stars will follow.

Mickey Mouse was the embodiment of the recognition of animation, but in fact, this recognition, by implication, gave a boost to hundreds of leading artists who helped maintain the essence of the role, from chief animators to voice artists. It was also at this time that the animation industry moved into a more evolved section of filmmaking thanks to its appeal, which was beginning to reach the same heights as mainstream cinema.

Many cartoon characters have repeated the feat that Mickey was the first to achieve, including a few other characters from Walt Disney’s firm. Those who joined Mickey in the elite club were Bugs Bunny from Warner Bros, Jim Henson’s Kermit the Frog, and Mickey’s love of life, Minnie Mouse, among many others. Over time, the animation industry has diversified into genres once thought remote for fictional characters who come off with the same emotional intensity as real actors.

Real animals have their stars in Hollywood, too.

The animation industry, which developed from children’s comedy, now extends to action, science fiction, docu-fiction, comedy, etc. And it’s becoming popular at a faster rate than ever before.

In addition to fictional characters, some flesh-and-blood animals that showcase their skills for the cinema have been given a place on Hollywood Boulevard. Metro Collie Lassie Godwyn Mayer and German Shepherd Rintintin of Warner Bros. also have stars named after them that decorate the floor of the famous sidewalk.

The animation seems to be on a roll.

Japanese anime symbolizes the monstrous potential of the animation industry for the cinema. We’ve seen almost every kind of performance and we never felt like anything was missing. The film world is delighted to have surreal animated films that depict life in serious situations, such as the Israeli war animation Waltz with Bashir and Tower, the American animated documentary 2016.

Tons of remarkable films of different kinds have authenticated the fact that animation does not only mean made for children. With increasing influence, the animation industry seems ready to make new wonders in the future. And the continued appreciation and support of fans and the industry have skyrocketed it to the point where almost anything seems possible.