In Russia, a couple built a huge replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza in their garden.

A Russian couple built an incredible replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza… in their backyard! Andrey and Viktoria Vakhrusheva decided to expand their summer house in an unusual way. The view from their garden, in the village of Istinka near St. Petersburg, contains grass, trees…, and a pyramid 9 meters high.


Why a pyramid?

Each side of the pyramid measures 13 m. What drove them to recreate this ancient monument? Maybe they were possessed by the ghosts of the mighty pharaohs. Anyway, the reduced version, one nineteenth of the size, is made of concrete. The original was created with basalt, or volcanic rock. However, the architects can be forgiven for not sticking entirely to tradition.


In addition to the materials, they put their whole heart into the pyramid of the summer house, which brought Giza into the garden. Quoted by Euronews, Andrey explains that “it’s still a monolithic structure, we made careful calculations in terms of masonry, making it in a special way so that it is as close (to the original) as possible”.

A pyramid that doesn’t go unnoticed.

With its 400 tons, the replica inevitably attracts attention. The couple made many trips to Egypt to study the pyramid of Giza. Construction work began about a year ago. From the outside, it is magnificent. And while the interior is still under construction, what there is to see is a treat for history buffs and casual visitors.

For fifty euros, people can spend time in the underground chambers and marvel at the statues. The interiors are sunk 9 m into the ground, imitating reality. Among those brave or curious enough to venture below are meditation lovers, who clearly see in this ancient environment the perfect place to release their chakras. They would do well to be careful not to fall on the sarcophagus.

The sarcophagus is life-size.

In contrast to the other dimensions of this extraordinary place, the coffin is real size. “We had to reduce the rest of the pyramid’s contours” says Viktoria, “but the sarcophagus is the same size as that of the pyramid of Cheops, we just made it fit”. Cheops is another name for Khufu, the pharaoh in whose honor the pyramid was built.

While these 21st century enthusiasts took a year to complete their Egyptian project, it is believed that the current Great Pyramid took more than 2 decades to complete. Completed around 2490 B.C., it stands 147 m high and has held the title of the tallest man-made structure in nearly four thousand years.

The true pyramid of Giza.

According to Histoire Extra, it “required 2.5 million blocks of stone to cut, move and position”. The site writes that it “is located next to the pyramids of Menkaure and Khafre, and is perfectly aligned with the constellation of Orion”. In ancient Egyptian culture, rulers became stars after their death. We don’t know if Andrey expects the same fate.

The exact nature of pyramids and their use are a longstanding puzzle. Their method of construction still escapes the experts today. Like its larger counterpart, the family monument has corridors that must give the impression of coming out of a horror movie. Although it is a home-made version, it retains this sense of majesty and mystery…

A couple of “normal,” depending on the neighborhood.

Are the neighbors afraid of being dominated by a modern tribute to the oldest wonder on earth? Euronews refers to Alexander Pustoshinskiy, who describes Andrey and Viktoria as “normal neighbours”. He adds that “what they do inspires (in my opinion) something different”.

If he wants to set up his own structure, he’d better hurry. The Russian couple crazy about pyramids already has their next project in mind. “The family also plans to build a temple that will be linked to the pyramid by a passage,” Euronews explains. No doubt, it’s better than a garden shed.