A bearded dragon found 3 km from home after 10 days on the run

In Canada, a bearded dragon had escaped from its owner’s garden. He has returned home after a ten-day journey to within two miles of his home.


My name is Groot.

William Hill said his pet lizard, Groot, ran away from his home in the Elmwood area of Winnipeg, Manitoba when his father took the animal outside for some fresh air on June 13.


William said he looked for his pet in the area, but he was concerned that Groot could not survive without a constant source of heat to mimic his natural environment. Cara Velnes, who lives in Winnipeg’s St. Boniface neighbourhood, about three kilometres from William’s home, said she heard noise outside her house Tuesday night and went outside to find that neighbourhood children had found a large lizard under a parked car.

Social networks have been able to track down the fugitive.

Cara Velnes brought the dragon inside, where she happened to have an empty terrarium for a bearded dragon that she had planned to give to her children for Christmas before their wish list was changed. Cara Velnes posted on a Facebook group in St. Boniface, where another member remembers seeing William Hill’s post about Groot’s escape on another Facebook group for lost pets in the area.

Cara got in touch with William, who quickly came to her house with his sister. William said that Groot seemed to be in good health, but that he planned to have the reptile examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. As for Cara, she said that the incident might lead her to buy a bearded dragon to fill her terrarium again.