A man claims to have found the entrance to an underground alien base on Google Earth.

Scott Waring, a UFO hunter who owns the YouTube channel AND Data Base, claims to have found the entrance of an “underground alien base” on an uninhabited island in Indonesia after spotting a strange formation on Google Earth.


A subterranean alien base in the subterranean world

Scott Waring, owner of a YouTube channel as well as a website called ET Data Base, explains that this particular form is located on a “small uninhabited island in Indonesia”. He believes it is a doorway to an “underground alien base”, as it does not fit into its environment and is located in an isolated place where “aliens would like to have a hidden base”.

Using a Google Earth tool, he measured the aperture and discovered it was 20 metres in diameter, which is large enough to “bring in a lot of alien ships,” he says. You can check it yourself on Google Earth by looking for the coordinates: 1°13’42.00 “S 129°48’49.43 “E.

Disturbing details

On his website, Scott says, “I found the entrance to an underground base on a remote island in Indonesia. “The entrance can be easily seen with Google Earth and when you add contrast to a screenshot, the detail really stands out.


You can even tell by looking at it that the UFO that came through that door was leaving the underground base. How can we know that? Because the deepest parts of the tunnel are collapsed and closed, but the outer part is still open. It’s the perfect place for an underground base on such a remote island where few people walk around.”

A video that divides the viewers.

In a video posted on YouTube that has had over 220,000 views so far, Scott goes on to say, “It’s just unbelievable to me, it’s totally unnatural. It’s an alien entrance for an underground base people.” He claims that the formation of the opening proves that the UFO was leaving the base to go “up to the sky”.

Many Internet users praised Scott for this discovery, including one who wrote, “I think this is a specific entrance for interstellar ships. It is well known that Reptiloids (original species of our planet) use cigar or cylinder-shaped vessels. One person said, “My instincts tell me that this is 100% authentic. Way to go, man! At least now I know what kind of places I can meet Reptiloids.” But not everyone was convinced, as this other comment shows: “You really need to see a doctor, my friend!”