An alien has been spotted at the Argentinean president’s residence.

Alien hunters claim to have spotted an alien wandering freely in the home of Alberto Fernández, President of Argentina.


A human form.

A mysterious thing that appears to have a human figure was noticed in the Argentinean president’s mansion on Google Earth. Conspiracy theorists were quick to suggest that the translucent object that appeared to have two legs, two arms and large black eyes was an alien.

Not only do alien hunters claim that this is proof of the presence of aliens on Earth, but they know that Argentine President Alberto Fernández is up to something – although it is important to note that conspiracy theorists offer absolutely no evidence to support this claim.

The UFO hunter has struck again.

The eminent UFO hunter Scott C Waring has made extraordinary claims. He wrote on his blog ET Data Base

: “I was exploring Argentina’s presidential mansion when I came across a small transparent silhouette. The silhouette is a little more than a meter high. I realized this by looking at the doorknob to his left. I think it’s an alien who’s wearing a mask and spying on the Argentinean president.”

Scott Waring continues his explanations: “Maybe the aliens know something that is about to happen from the Argentinean president, something that will change the world in one way or another, good or bad. The figure has a slim body, arms, legs and shoulders. The silhouette also has a small black triangular head facing the camera.”

There’s still a lot of doubt.

However, some of Mr. Waring’s followers were not frankly convinced by these assertions, indicating that the appearance was merely a camera malfunction. One person said, “I do 360-degree photography and it gives this when you have a low shutter speed. Nice try though.

Although the existence of extraterrestrials has never been confirmed, the US Navy recently acknowledged the authenticity of a UFO video from a US Navy pilot’s radar showing a mysterious UFO with a “bright aura” and erratic flight pattern.