Extraterrestrials have been seen stealing chickens

Conspiracy theorists believe they spotted a small UFO near a chicken coop, with the aliens inside the ship feeding on the farm’s poultry.


Identified chicken thieves

A video showing what looks like a drone in the middle of the night, hovering over a chicken coop, was broadcast. Witnesses of this mysterious entity, the owners of the henhouse, claim that everything inside the strange vessel was feasting on chickens.

The video was submitted to MUFON, a UFO investigation network, with the eyewitness stating “I was checking the security camera footage after I lost another chicken to an unknown creature who likes to steal our chickens. At 1:44am I noticed that this object was taking off and flying over the camera. We live in a very rural area of Michigan and there is no reason for drones to be flying around. I wonder what it is.”

The eminent extraterrestrial investigator gives his opinion.

Scott C Waring, the alien hunter, spotted the video and immediately exposed his theory. He wrote on his blog ET Database: “A strange ship was passing a chicken coop in Michigan and was spotted by security cameras.”


The UFO is about a metre in diameter and looks like a drone, but aliens also have UFOs of the same size, so it is possible that it can move in the same way. For me it is a UFO because it is visiting a chicken coop at 1:44am. Who else but an alien could do this? And the fact that it landed in the grass… no drone pilot would risk trapping a drone in the tall, dry grass and losing it. It makes me think it’s 100% alien in origin.” To be continued…