5 new ways to cook eggs to surprise your guests

You may think you’ve already learned about the ways to use eggs in your meals. But this humble staple is actually an underrated star in lunches, dinners and desserts as well. Here are 5 dishes to harness the magic powers of this ideal protein.


Cover the pasta with an egg instead of the sauce

Let’s go, let’s eat pasta. Garnish a bowl of spaghetti with an upside-down egg (the runny yolk becomes a pasta sauce!).


It’s a really simple and quick recipe that can be used with other foods. An egg with a runny yolk is also perfect for stir-fried vegetables and rice. For example, on a portion of rice, you can place a fried egg on top and then add the stir-fried vegetables on top. In this way, the yolk will flow into the vegetables and rice and create a tasty, creamy sauce. The egg replaces meat for protein.

2. Grate an egg over vegetables or a salad

No more grated cheese. It’s caloric and fattening, so we forget but we don’t remove it, we replace it with an egg.

Just cook an egg for 10 minutes and peel it. Then you grate the hard boiled egg over roasted asparagus, leeks in vinaigrette, blanched green beans or a simple green salad. The egg will add richness (plus a few extra nutrients, such as vitamin A and lutein) and can turn your main dish into a complete meal in no time at all.

3. Transform egg white into a delicacy

You’ll see that you can “Cook” an instantly fancy dessert with just three basic ingredients.

Let’s do it! You take an egg, sugar and one or more fruits of your choice (banana, apple, pineapple…). Beat the egg whites with sugar to obtain a shiny meringue that you will then place on top of your fruit. To make it prettier and tastier, brown your dessert in the oven and enjoy.

4. Use it in the breadcrumbs

Do you like breaded foods? We love it! To treat young and old alike, poultry, fish and vegetables can be breaded.

Make your own breadcrumbs to bread your food. The slightly sticky texture of the egg makes it easy to bind breadcrumbs (made with dry bread or rusks) or chopped nuts to chicken, fish with eggplant or any other vegetable that you like to bread. Then you put the food in the flour, then in the egg and finally in the breadcrumbs and that’s it, you just have to cook and enjoy.

5. Make your soup swell

Maybe you never thought of putting an egg in the broth. And yet, it gives a truly incredible result.

Plus, like the previous ideas, it’s really easy to do. Just add whipped whole eggs to the cooking broth to give body to your soup. This way, you’ll give an ordinary soup a luxurious appearance. The Chinese and the Greeks understood this well. So make an egg soup like the Asians or a lemon avgolemono which is a favourite of the Greeks. Both of these soups are made from chicken broth, but nothing prevents you from making them with meat or vegetable broth.