The world’s first hotel in outer space is planned for 2025!

For any adventurous traveller, booking a trip to a new place is always a great experience. This is the case the first time we see the Eiffel Tower or we go to the exotic jungles of South America. Of course, these trips are rewarding, but how about staying aboard The Gateway, the world’s first space hotel ?


Space tourism is no longer just for movies.

For years, successful science fiction novels and movies have capitalized on the idea of venturing off our Planet. No one has had the courage to make it happen, until now. Thanks to the efforts of the Gateway Foundation, a scientific organization dedicated to the production of the first space port in history, this idea is no longer fiction.


The Gateway will not only be used for space exploration, but also for the fusion of different beings, human and extraterrestrial. People have already reported sightings of extraterrestrials on Earth. Some even believe they were abducted by Martians. Whether these reports are true or not, scientists at The Gateway Foundation strongly believe that humans are not the only beings that exist.

Staying aboard the first hotel in space.

At this space port, humans and aliens can mingle with each other in the lunar gravity zone, which has all the makings of a space hotel. The area will be equipped with many facilities such as a gymnasium, a casino and a stage where concerts will be held. Everything looks good, except, where’s the onboard hospital ?

The Gateway sounds like a brilliant idea that will hopefully see the light of day. The foundation is currently considering ways of generating income to finance the project, with the hope that the spaceport will be completed within a year. By 2025, people will be able to visit intergalactic destinations aboard The Gateway! How cool is that!